Ortholox®Gh UHMWPE AC Joint Internal Bracing System


Ortholox®Gh UHMWPE AC Joint Internal Bracing System Specifications

  • Ortholox®Gh UHMWPE AC Joint Internal Bracing System is manufactured from Medical Degree Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene material.

  • For Ortholox®Gh UHMWPE ACJ System, very thin fibers are woven in the form of bands with a width of 5 mm to form a multifilament material.
  • *By means of its wide cross section, it eliminates single-point stress.
  • *Pressure on bone tissue is distributed and thus decreased thanks to the wide surface of the band.
  • *By means of its wide surface, it is more reliable in osteoporotic bones when compared to metal cables or cerclage wires.
  • *Each band has a load carrying capacity of over 1600 N. (4 bands=6400 N)
  • Ortholox®Gh UHMWPE ACJ System is highly flexible, it can be manipulated easily.
  • In Ortholox®Gh UHMWPE ACJ System thanks to the patented torque applicable Tensioner, it is ensured that the fragments are brought closer easily at the appropriate tension. It provides a simple, effective and easy-to-use surgery with only 3 instruments.
  • In Ortholox®Gh UHMWPE ACJ System, a bendable titanium guide strip and a patented locking block that is manufactured from highly biocompatible (TI-6AL-4V-ELI) alloy is used.
  • *It is MRI compatible.
  • *It has a high load carrying capacity.
  • *Once the locking block is screwed and fixed, it does not loosen or unlock by itself.
  • *During the procedure, in order to re-apply tension, loosening the screw of the locking block is enough. Thus, OR time is shortened.
  • *Since osteotomy or bone screw is not required during surgery, it allows for minimal invasive application with its simple and fast instrumentation.
  • *It does not cause tissue damage as the metal wires during and after surgery.
  • *It minimizes metal corrosion in bone structure.
  • *Besides, it eliminates the risk of surgical glove perforation.
  • *Since there are no metal cables contacting metal implants, it eliminates the risk of galvanic reaction of incompatible metals.
  • *Since the bands are manufactured from UHMWPE material, they are radiolucent and thus, the position of the clavicula and coracoid bone and the healing process can be followed-up more easily in the intra- and post-operational x-ray.


  • *The surgical technique has been described by Gazi Huri, MD from Hacettepe University, Department of Orthopedics and Traumatology.

  • In Ortholox®Gh UHMWPE ACJ System, the bands with a width of 5 mm are available in the following lengths as pre-assembled with the low profile locking block and in ready-to use sterile packed:
  • *450mm
  • *500mm
  • *550mm
  • *600mm
  • *650mm
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    Results od Acromioclavicular Joint Reconstruction Using a Novel Minimally Invasive Technique. Huri et.al.


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