UHMWPE Band Systems

UHMWPE based patented Ortholox® Cerclage Band System, a revolutionary system in segmental fractures of long bones and prosthesis revision surgery, is designed to eliminate most of the problems caused by conventional cerclage wire and metal cable systems.It is a band system woven with UHMWPE fibers and has simple instrumentation for minimal invasive application. Thanks to its band passer instrument in two different sizes, it can be passed around long bones such as femur, tibia and humerus easily and fixed with a patented locking block. With the help of the patented torque applicable Tensioner, it can both be applied directly on the bone through single winding or multi-winding and be safely used with periprosthetic plates thanks to Plate-Band Locking Screws or Plate-Band Button Screws.

Titanium Plate Systems

• In the fixation of spiral or long oblique diaphyseal fractures of large bones such as femur, tibia and humerus,

• In the fixation of femoral osteotomies performed in parallel with the shaft in revision hip prosthesis surgeries,

• In the fixation of avulsion fractures in trochanter major,

• In the fixation of femur distal fractures occurring after knee prosthesis surgeries, In the fixation of new fracture complications that occur at the end of short nails used for the fixation of femur proximal or distal fractures

Titanium Screw Systems

Thanks to its special design, Ortholox® Locking Periprosthetic Plate-Band Button Implant assists in the safe application of Ortholox® UHMWPE Cerclage Band System or CoCr/Titanium metal cables by the placement of Ortholox® Locking Periprosthetic Support Cable-Plate Systems in the screw hole.