UHMWPE Band Systems

Ortholox® UHMWPE Polymer Sternotomy Closure System provides a fast and reliable solution to close the sternum following open heart surgeries. Ortholox® Polymer Sternotomy Closure System is a band system woven with UHMWPE fibers.Thanks to its simple instrumentation, it can be applied fast and easily and fixes the sternum in a transverse shape, a U shape and/or an 8 shape with a patented locking block.This dynamic compression procedure ensures a reliable stability by allowing for a controlled expansion of the rib cage.It absorbs loads caused by the patient’s sneezing, coughing or daily activities and thus, functions as a shock absorbent. When an emergency intervention is required, it can be easily removed using a scalpel on the operating table without the need for a wire cutting scissors or plate and screw removal instruments.